Celebrating our Great First Friday of May Party.

In the year 760 AD Jaca suffered an attack by the Arabs. At dawn on the First Friday in May of that year, a great battle was fought on the outskirts of the city, in which a small Christian army led by Count Aznar confronted thousands of Muslims.

When the women, children and old men of Jaca were about to surrender, they armed themselves with farming implements and tools of various trades, left the relative safety of the walls of Jaca and ran towards the battlefield; their attire included hats embroidered with flowers and pieces of stitched mirror.
When the invaders saw them arriving on the horizon, they thought they were reinforcement armies and fled in terror.

After these hard years of pandemic Our First Friday in May 2022 came back stronger than ever. The feeling of euphoria was so intense that it could be breathed in the air in every corner of our beautiful Jaca. Finally friends, family and people from all over Spain were able to celebrate this important day for our city.

It has been really exciting for us to be able to serve you on this special day.

Thankful and here’s to many more!